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Kits of hope


At Kits of Hope, we believe that all children who have experienced trauma deserve love, hope and joy. 

Every year, nearly 500,000 children are impacted by neglect, abuse and trauma and spend time, sometimes years in the foster care system.  It is hard to imagine a child being taken from their homes by strangers, often without their beloved belongings that they are attached to, leaving children feeling lonely and terrified. 

Though our curated Hope Kits created by Pediatrician Dr. Eko, you can help to make the transition into the foster care system a little easier by sharing  love, hope and healing with a child that needs it.  When children have a chance to have unstructured play, this promotes self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, and resilience in the face of trauma. These skills are crucial building blocks for success and personal fulfillment in adulthood.  

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