Our mission is to provide comfort and hope to children in foster care

Fostering Strength and Resilience 1 child at a time

Imagine for a moment, a day in the life of a child who has just been removed from the care of their parents by strangers, they feel alone, scared, anxious and don’t understand what is going on. They have to leave home in a hurry with these strangers and often are unable to take any of their belongings with them and might have to wait for hours at the police station, DHS office etc.

This is not just a tale, As a Pediatrician, Dr Effiong is on the front line of caring for these kids, seeing them in the office soon after they have been removed from their homes and they are simply in distress. It is heart breaking to watch these vulnerable kids suffer so much for something they have no control over. Rates of children in foster care continue to increase across the country, in some cases up to 74%, and one of the most common reasons is due to parental drug use.

So Dr Effiong wondered what she could do to help these children, after speaking to numerous foster parents, a recurring theme was how tightly the children clutch to anything that they can call their own, and how little of their own belongings they bring with them to the foster homes. She was inspired by to start Kits of Hope, giving children in foster care a bag with brand-new comfort and essential items they can call their own and also a handwritten card telling them they are loved and cherished. Our goal is to be a voice for these children by this token of love, to affirm to them that are precious and lovable and not alone. Won’t you join me on this journey…

It only takes ONE , one person to make a change, we never know who we will impact, but we will never know unless we do something about a problem prevalent in our communities.



Dr Hokehe Effiong: Executive Vice President of the Effiong Foundation/Founder of Kits of Hope Project. 

Leslie Worst:

Joanna Ramirez:

Joann Grey


Kits of Hope- a project of the Effiong Foundation, Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to bring comfort, dignity and hope to children entering foster care. Since 2019, we have distributed(SERVED) 110 chilren (CHILDREN) entering the foster care system in Oklahoma.

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