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Creating An Impact

Kits of hope

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Our Impact

The impact of Kits of Hope goes far beyond the kits given to the foster children, we also provide science based training on brain health to foster parents and child welfare staff so that they are empowered to share love and hope with the children in their care. 

  • Over 800 hope kits given to foster children in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Hundreds of foster parents empowered to provide healthy loving homes for foster children. 


Over 500,000 children in the United States are impacted every year by abuse and neglect

Image by Kostiantyn Li
Image by Felipe Ferreira

One out of 4 foster children show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder that affects the way they learn in school

Foster care students are less likely to graduate from high school and often experience homelessness, incarceration and addictions.

Image by T K
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