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Meet The Team

Dr. Hokehe Eko

Board Certified Pediatrician, Founder

My mission is simple: 


To ensure that no child in foster care ever feels like they are invaluable and have no future. 

🧸 Working with Foster Care agencies and Foster Parents through Kits of Hope has taught me that the solution is multi pronged:

🧸 Foster Care agencies/child welfare staff need support with practical training aimed at addressing brain health and healing from trauma for children.

🧸 Foster Parents need to be empowered to understand how to care for children who have been traumatized and how to help the children in their care heal from trauma.

🧸 Schools need support to ensure that the socio- emotional/cognitive needs of the children are being met through Brain Health Training for Educators.


This realization has led me to create a framework that provides evidence based, practical training on how to harness the brain’s amazing flexibility to build resilience and optimize physical and brain health for child welfare/fostercare agencies, schools and foster parents so that the children in foster care can receive whole child care at the highest level.

Meet The Team


Dr. Tamara Johnson

Board Certified Pediatrician

Board Member


Gwendolyn Wilson

Financial Advisor,

Board Member

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Dr. Eteka Udoh

Board Certified OB-GYN

Board Member

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